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Introducing India's First 3 in 1 Solar panel cleaning System, an Innovation of Harsha Products. This unique product can support wet cleaning, scrubbing & drying the panel.

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How It works


Utility of the product

Harsha’s 3 in 1 Solar Panel Cleaning System would require running (soft) water supply to operate. No need to use RO water during cleaning of panels.

For best results, our solar panel cleaning always face the future.

What technology we use?

  • 50 Feet quick connection hose kit

  • 4 extendable poles each 4 feet

  • 1 solar panel cleaning brush with 2 water outlet jets

  • 1 angle pole of 112 feet

  • 1 water supply valve to ON/OFF

  • 1 water squeeze set, 1 Y joint

  • Water squeeze replacement rubber

What benefits we offer?

  • No external power source required to operate the equipment
  • No RO Water required, works with any type of soft water
  • Instant cleaning of solar panel – cleaning output can be viewed on the spot
  • Increase in power output by upto 30%* from each panel
  • Easy assessment on quality of cleaning work – avoid multiple efforts
  • Effective utilization of resources (both water & manpower) – up to 90% of savings*
  • Exponential decrease in manpower costs – upto 50% of labor cost savings*
  • Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable material used
*Under standard conditions